Jan 2, 2019

After exchanging a few text messages with your best friend, you receive a text from an unknown individual claiming you tried to hack into his smartphone. Following a brief conversation, you are hired at his cyber-security firm. It doesn't take you long to understand his corporation is barely legal. Soon, you help spread viruses, scam people out of their money and talk victims into paying ransomware while your friend, fueled by the latest conspiracy theories, dives deeper into paranoia.

The best way to create a rich and vibrant world is to give it a life of it's own where it evolves and keeps your informed on what else is happening on the globe.

Playing a game at the cutting edge of the hacker universe can be hindering for some technophobes. This is one of the reason we included a dynamic glossary that updates based on the words you are being exposed to.
Interactive Story
«Forget the days of lonely, friendless hackers working months on a new virus or a Trojan horse. Today, everyone is wasting their time on the internet and the Cracker, the Phreaker and the Code Cowboy have their own forums, communities and followers.»

Breacher story is an immersive interactive narrative where the people go deep into the world of cyber-security, hacking and social engineering. The game is played via a series of text messages between the player and multiple other game characters.

The PC version offers unique environments to discover and bring the player in a complete visual experience.

  • English and French versions available.
  • Multiple locations.
  • Immersive World Events.
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