PC interactive Fiction
MAR, 2019

After the mysterious death of Dr. Pokorny, Dr. Novak, relatively unknown by many, takes over the illustrious psychotherapy practice. At the same time he inherits Mrs.Ruzicka, the secretary of the deceased psychologist. In the hands of Dr.Novak, the practice is less then flourishing. One morning, Dr.Novak receives a box of audio tapes – Recorded psychotherapy sessions to be exact – and he is asked to listen to them and give his insightful analysis of its content. Sadly, things take a turn for the worst for Dr.Novak. His troubled mind seems to be getting the best of him...Or does it? You decide. You are this psychotherapist. You are Dr.Novak...And your task is to carefully analyze and give your insight on the recorded therapy sessions. Ultimately, your answers will determine your own fate, Dr. Novak.

Patient Kratochvil
Interactive Story
«The mind is like a transmuting maze deprived of exits. Men have gone mad trying to figure out a way around this maze.»


ABOUT THE GAME Catalyst is an unsettling interactive narrative into the world of psychotherapy. The story is told through newspaper articles, notes left by a disgruntled secretary, unwelcome letters, audio tape recordings and a unique journal that evolves throughout the game based on the player’s own insightful analysis of an unusual therapy session.

  • Fully narrated psychotherapy sessions by Joseph K. Krachtovil himself.
  • Three different endings based on the player’s insight.
  • Immersive storyline delivered to the player via letters, notes, journal entries and audio recording.
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