Jan 2, 2019

"The clouds appeared like soft, battling marshmallows in the bright Finnish sky. From her seat on the train rushing through the fields, Lottie favoured the smaller clouds and wished they would win over the larger ones. As if the battle of David and Goliath could still be a possibility in today’s competitive world. She clasped her thick travelling journal against her chest with unbridled emotions, her thoughts wandering to the past. After a demanding university education, she had finally graduated and acquired a law degree. It hadn't been easy, and at times she had thought of dropping out. Her father often told her, "Nothing in life worth having comes easy". He always used a tone of authenticity, but she felt he probably got the quote from an Instagram post."

"As she stared out of the train window remembering those words, nostalgia ran through her body and gave her a faint shiver. In her mind, the faces of the people she loved appeared from the shadows. Her close family, her good friends... and others who still found a place in her thoughts...even after so many years...Heading to Helsinki by herself, Lottie felt a sense of gladness which went beyond words. Before she’d left home, she’d drawn her dark eyeliner perfectly and wore her favourite wool scarf. Today, tomorrow, the day after, and forever after, she needed to make the best impression she could possibly make. During her last semester, a recruiter from a big law firm had contacted her to offer an internship in Helsinki. As soon as she had hung up the phone, she had bought her train ticket."

Visual Noval
«This is fantastic! I have my own visual novel! I hope I don't mess it up!.»

Life in Helsinki is a beautiful collaboration that give life to the characters created by Danilo Sanino. The story follows Lottie, a young graduate heading for Finland for an internship in a law firm. As you can imagine, nothing goes as planned and facing adversity, Lottie has to adapt, fight back or give up her dream of becoming a lawyer in Helsinki.

The game features a colorful cast of characters, beautiful locations to discover, a great soundtrack all brought together in a well-crafted - slice of life - story.

  • Unique characters with Multiple facial expressions
  • Player choices
  • Seven story chapters
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