Released Games

APR, 2020
Tales of the Black Death
An Interactive Fiction Plague Survival Adventure where morality is crucial.
MAR, 2019
Catalyst is an interactive narrative into the world on psychotherapy.
JAN, 2019
Life in Helsinki
Follow the tumultuous life of a young graduate moving to Helsinki for an internship.
JAN, 2019
Breacher Story PC
Discover the immersive world of Breacher Story ! Now in a new PC version..
Jun, 2018
Nightmarish Spawns
As a newly appointed Hero of the realm, you must cleanse the land of nightmarish spawns!
Mar, 2018
Rogue Tower Intercept
Locate and take down rogue towers that are stealing your data!
Jan, 2018
Breacher story
Recruited by a cybersecurity firm you go deep into a story of intrigue and social engineering.
Feb, 2017
Become a hacker in this high energy, heart pounding, arcade mobile hit!.
in 2016 by two gamers

Doubleton Game Studio is an independent game developer and publisher based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2016. Since then, we have made Breacher,Breacher Story, Rogue Tower intercept, Nightmarish Spawns, Life in Helsinki, Catalyst and now working on a three part series entitled : Tales of the Black Death.
We are passionate individuals experienced in 3D graphics, UI design, storytelling, multimedia production and software engineering.

We aim at creating high quality games featuring immersive storylines combined with some unique game mechanics.

  • Prague office : MIA
  • Montreal office : Self-Isolation Quarantine