Breacher is the latest arcade conspiracy experience for mobile.


Make me a Breacher


In BREACHER you are recruited by an anonymous, unidentified party that supplied you with the latest technology in Data Breaching software. Your first assignment consists of locating nearby devices and probing networks for the most valuable thing out there : Information.
With every breach, you steal private information in search of encrypted passwords and uncover high value targets that lead you closer to into an unexpected conspiracy. With continuous breaches you'll upgrade your scanning range, enhance your virus to exploit vulnerable security protocols, gain access to private profiles and social media accounts and acquire more data. As your experience increases you will encounter more challenging and profitable missions, and move deeper into the immersive narrative of the BREACHER universe.


Ever dreamed of being able to infiltrate someone's email account and steal their data? How about accessing a private network and looking through personal files in search of valuable information? If so, Breacher is the experience for you.

Unique Storyline

Enjoy an immersive experience with more than a hundred story-driven text messages keeping you informed on your progress with anonymous sms to your own insightful thoughts.

Modern Design

Taking a break from the heavy text-based theme hacking simulators, Breacher offer you a modern visual approach to the Data Breaching genre. You don't need a keyboard or learn to write lines of code, the game is designed for the casual gamer looking for an atmospheric adventure using easy interaction


Bringing the Space Tunnel genre to a new level by combining two proven gameplay functionality within the same mission to deliver an action-oriented adventure.


Breacher is in continuous development to offer regular updates and enhancements.


Throughout the game you will get firmware and malware upgrades, speed manipulator, password decryption offering you the ability to reach further targets and infiltrate secure protocols.


We've designed the game so that beginners, casual users and veterans can all define their difficulty by giving you, the player, the choice to tailor your own gaming experience.


Removing the burden a new game inside cumbersome menus, BREACHER makes every task a one click operation and has eliminated any use for menu digging and overly complex interface.


You have a voice and we are there to hear you. Send us your suggestions and ideas about Breacher, we'd love to hear about your gaming experience!


Here are a few images of the different screens you will find in our game.

Doubleton Game Studio

We started Doubleton to create the game we'd like to play. Our approach to development is based on over fifteen years of experience connected to the gaming industry and adapted to current trends. We are passionate individuals experienced in 3D graphics, UI design, multimedia production and software engineering. We create high quality mobile games featuring an immersive story combined with some unique game mechanics. We are currently working on our first title.
Game Designer, Storyteller and Graphic Artist.
Programmer and Game Designer.